How Often Do You Need to Replace an Apple Watch?

How Often Do You Need to Replace an Apple Watch

Apple Watches are considered the most affordable devices of this brand. However, they are still not simple, easy-to-buy devices for many people.

Unlike laptops (iMacs) and smartphones (iPhones), Apple Watches are not essential items for many people. 

They do not usually intend to upgrade it to the new version as with the iPhone, and try to find ways to prolong the life of their watches as long as possible.

With that in mind, many people wonder, How often do you need to replace an Apple Watch? Lets read to explore this post right now!

How Often Do You Need to Replace an Apple Watch?

If you regularly use your Apple Watch, it usually has a lifespan of up to three years. If you use it less often, you can expect it to last longer.

Of course, the answer depends on the person. Many people replace it every year as they do with their iPhones, while others will never replace it if its not broken.

So how long will the Apple Watch last? It will differ for each user and version of the Apple Watch. Even Apple doesnt give a recommended lifespan.

On the other hand, if you hold a newer Apple Watch with more advanced technology, it will last longer.

The reason behind that is that it comes with better battery-saving technology and is better protected from water and other elements.

In fact, one of the Apple Watchs fastest-degrading parts is its battery.

Why Don’t Apple Watches Last Forever?

If you have ever bought a standard watch for around twenty bucks, you know it usually has an incredibly long lifespan.

It seems like a paradox that Apple Watches are much more expensive but last for a significantly shorter time.

First, you should know that Apple Watches go beyond standard watches. They have dynamic technology and things you wont see in standard watches.

It seems unfair if you take the things of standard watches to compare them with Apple Watches.

Besides, although Apple Watches dont carry many moving parts, they are still produced from electronic materials that will go bad over time.

How to Make Your Apple Watch Last as Long as Possible?

Replace The Watch’s Battery

As mentioned above, the battery is the most rapidly degraded part of the Apple Watch, usually after three years.

Instead of replacing your current Apple Watch just because its battery is dead, you have the option to replace its battery.

You can also apply this to your iPhone. Replacing the battery allows you to save a lot of money. Once you have noticed your unit beginning to lag, thats when you should consider replacing its battery.

Avoid Utilizing Your Watch in the Pool

Since the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watches have been designed to allow users to track swimming, which is helpful for swimmers. 

These devices now offer users a new way to track their swimming improvement.

However, we do not recommend using your watch while swimming unless absolutely necessary. Nothing is perfect and lasts forever, and the waterproofing on the Apple Watch is no exception.

Over time, the waterproofing will wear down and end up stopping protecting your unit. The wear and tear process will be faster if your watch is exposed to chlorinated water (at swimming pools) and salt water.

By avoiding water contact with your watch, you can expect it to last longer!

Stop Updating The Apple Watch After Three Years

In most cases, we will recommend updating your devices operating system as soon as possible, whether it is a laptop, smartphone, or watch.

It will bring you new features from the manufacturer and help you fix the errors of the old operating system.

However, new updates can also slow down your device. The reason may be that your Apple Watch is no longer suitable to support new updates well, which requires more robust hardware.

Apple Watches typically slow down significantly after three years and eventually become unusable. So we do not think you should update your watch if it hits the three-year mark if you want to prolong its life.

Buy a Case

Like other electronic devices, dropping your watch or bumping it into something can also significantly reduce its lifespan.

Using a case to protect the device is already something familiar to iPhone users. The good news is that you can also do the same with the Apple Watch.


How Long Can Apple Watch Last on a Full Charge?

After each full charge, an Apple Watch is expected to last 18 hours. However, it can last longer, up to 72 hours, if set to the Power Reserve mode. 

Besides, some factors, such as a phone call, will drain the battery faster.

Can the Apple Watch be Obsolete?

The answer is yes. All Apple Watches run on watchOS, which is constantly tweaked and updated.

If your watch is not compatible with the latest version of watchOS, it is considered obsolete and useless.

However, you dont need to worry about whether your new Apple Watch will quickly become obsolete. 

It is usually four to five years before your Apple Watch can no longer run the latest version of watchOS.

What Can Damage the Battery in My Apple Watch?

Many factors damage the battery of your Apple Watch, which is similar to other devices. The causes can be exposed to water and unusually high temperatures.

Wrapping It up!

Apart from helping you answer how often do you need to replace an Apple Watch, we have provided you with helpful information and tips related to Apple Watches. Hopefully, they are helpful to you.

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