How to Find Your Apple Watch if It Is Dead? (EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS)

How to Find Your Apple Watch if It Is Dead

Users take out Apple Watch from time to time, so missing the device location at some point is inevitable. However, can you track an Apple Watch with a drained battery or those that no longer work?   

So, how to find your Apple Watch if it is dead? What to do when you have lost your Apple Watch? Dont panic because theres still a chance that you can find a device. This post will show you how to do it. 

In addition, I will provide some additional tips on the Apple Watch that help you take advantage of its features and functions. Continue reading to find out!

How To Find Your Apple Watch If It Is Dead?

You can identify the last place of your Apple Watch before its battery runs out using your Find my app.

If someone changes the position of the watch after it stops working, you have to look for it physically. 

You can track the current location of the Apple Watch using your Find My on your iPhone. Yet, it is only available when your watch is working.

Therefore, you cannot locate the exact position of the Apple Watch using applications and regular tracking apps. If someone moves the device, your Find my app cannot detect the changed position. 

The only solution at the moment is to look for it physically. 

Try to remember where you left the watch or when was the last time you saw it. If it is a public place, then ask the nearby people. 

If burglars or robbers steal the watch and turn it off, then the only thing you can do is call the police and seek help.

However, if the watch stays at the same location, then you can find it using your Find my app.

Using “Find My” App On Your iPhone

If you left the Apple Watch somewhere in your house, then the problem is much simpler to solve. Your Find My on iPhone allows users to track the last place of the Apple Watch before it stops working. 

However, your Watch has to be paired with that iPhone previously. In addition, the Watch must be working before you lose it.

If you carry a dead Apple Watch around and someone stole it, theres no way to track the position. Heres how to track your watch using your Find My app.

On the home interface of your iPhone, select Find My app.

Then tap on the Devices Tab and choose your watch to detect its location. Then you can see the location of your watch on the map. 

Follow the directions and find it. Dont worry if the thieves can unpair the Watch with your iPhone. The Watch will require them to sign in to iCloud, so they cannot disconnect without knowing the password. 

Using iCloud On Your Computer

If you dont have your iPhone at the moment, come to the iCloud website and log in to your Apple account.

Then select your Find iPhone section and choose All Devices to find the location of your watch.

What Is The Method To Find Your Apple With Others?

You can track the latest location of your dead Apple Watch using another iPhone. 

After borrowing an Apple device like an iPad or iPhone, access your Find My app on the home interface. 

Select the Me tab and choose Help Friends, then sign in to your Apple ID and follow similar steps to detect the location. 

What Do You Do If Apple Device Is Not Showing Up On Find Your App?

When the Apple Watch runs out of battery, it will no longer connect to Wifi or cellular signal.

Therefore the current location of the device wont show up on the map when you use your Find My app. So what should you do?

Step 1: Immediately enable lost mode on your Watch, which I will instruct you in the following section.

In this mode, the watch requires a passcode to operate, so the thieves cannot recharge and erase it. 

Step 2: After enabling lost mode, move on to change the password of your Apple ID. It will protect the information in your account from people trying to access it. The thieves cannot utilize the services with your watch. 

Step 3: The last and most critical step is to seek help from the police and law enforcement nearby.

Report the serial number of your watch so the police can return the device to you if they ever find it.

How To Enable Lost Mode 

Lost Mode helps protect your personal information and data in the iCloud from thieves or bad people.

If your watch was stolen, quickly enable this Mode so that the thieves cannot tamper with your device. 

In addition, users send a message from their phone number to the lost watch. 

In case some passenger picks up your device, they can return it to you via the information in the message. 

Heres how to do it: 

On the home interface of your iPhone, tap on your Find My app, then access the Mark As Lost section and enable it.

Choose Continue to proceed and type in the phone number you want to send the message from.

Then write the message and send it to the lost watch in case someone wants to return it.

Select activate to finish. Then the app will send an email confirming that your device has been in Lost Mode. 

How To Protect Your Watch From Thieves Or Getting Lost? 

Losing an expensive device like your watch is surely a terrible experience that no one wants to go through.

Not to mention the data and information that could be taken advantage of. 

Here are some tips to protect your watch better and prevent thieves from stealing it in the future. 

Store It Securely

When going to public places, always wear the watch on your wrist. Dont remove it and put it on the table or in the pocket.

The pickpocket can easily steal it when you are not paying attention. 

If you have to remove the watch when going swimming or when bad weather occurs, then leave the watch in a secured storage space.

Some examples are storage with locks or asking a friend to keep it. 

Wear The Watch Tight

Ensure that the strap of your watch is tight, and you can easily notice when someone removes it from your wrist.

Also, regularly look at your wrist to ensure that it is always there.

Equip It With A GPS Tile

The GPS Tile app can help you track the Apple Watch easily when you lose it, even when the devices battery runs out.

The signals from this app are very strong and detectable. It also works with various devices like phones, smartwatches, and iPads. 

Activate Find Your App

Your Find My app only works when you activate its tracking feature. To enable the app, you can search the settings on your phone and tap on your Apple ID. 

Then select your find my section and activate offline finding. 


So that is everything you need to know when losing your watch. This section has some additional information you may need to find the lost smartwatch.

Is Your “Find My” App Accurate?

Unfortunately, your Find My app only works within a range of 33 feet.

Therefore its always better to install an additional tracking app on your watch and iPhone in case someone stole them. 

Can You Track Apple Watch Without Cellular?

The answer is yes. You can track an Apple Watch without cellular if it supports GPS or Wifi signal.

This feature is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 and later generations. 

Can You Tell If Someone Unlocks Your Watch?

The iPhone paired with your watch notifies its owner when someone tries to open or unlock the device. This notification is available from ISO version 14.5.

Can I Track My Child With Apple Watch?

With the Family Setup service, parents can decide which services and apps their child can access and use. They can also send the message to the childs Apple Watch and track its location using GPS.

Final Thoughts 

I hope that the provided solutions can help you refind your valuable belongings. 

Just follow the steps to track your devices location. Its there if you are lucky. 

If the thieves stole the device, seek law enforcement for help and to track your device. For any additional questions, feel free to use the comment sections and let me know. Please share the post if you find it helpful.

Thank you for reading!

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