Why Is There a Microphone Icon on My Apple Watch? (EXPLAINED)

Why Is There a Microphone Icon on My Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most modern wristwatches available today. They offer many unique features that can come with an icon while in use.

During use, you may notice an orange microphone icon on your screen. It may seem harmless, but its always better to know what this icon means.

So why is there a microphone icon on my Apple watch

Lets read to get the answer.

Why Is There a Microphone Icon on My Apple Watch?

The watchOS 7 brings Apple Watches an orange microphone icon that shows up when your Apple Watch is listening to audio.

This icon appears when you record a voice memo, talk to Siri, or when your watch uses its mic for features like a walkie-talkie and handwash detection.

If you want the microphone icon, try closing all the apps. When the application is in the background, tap on the side button, find the application you want to close, and swipe left.

All Icons Available on the Apple Watch

Charging Icon

A green flash icon shows the Apple Watch is charging on the dock.

Maps Icon

It will appear on your watch when you use the Apple Maps application to provide directions.


It shows that you are turning on the flashlight on the watch. 

The flashlight feature comes in three modes. You can swipe across your screen to choose a mode.

Silent Mode

You can turn the Silent Mode on or off by tapping this icon. It changes between a crossed-out bell and a regular bell icon to tell if your watch is in silent mode.

Workout Icon

It will appear when you are in the process of exercising. You can press this icon to visit a workout tracking screen to end/pause the workout.

Lock Icon

This icon will appear when the device has been locked with the passcode. It will happen automatically when removing the watch from your wrist. 

But if you have turned off the wrist detection, locking your watch from the Control Center is okay.

Call Icon

This icon pops up when you are on one phone call via your Apple Watch or on the iPhone. You can press on it to visit the call screen.

Low Battery Icon

A red flash icon on your device indicates its battery is low. In that case, you will need to put your device on the charging cradle to recharge it.

If you see that icon more often than expected, you need to do the following tips to improve your Apple Watchs battery life:

  • Reduce motion.
  • Delete apps.
  • Disable Always on Display.
  • Turn off Wake on Wrist Raise.
  • Turn off Background App Refresh.
  • Turn off Mobile Data for Cellular Watches.
  • Ensure Optimized Battery Charging is On.
  • Enable Silent Mode.
  • Reduce screen brightness.
  • Use Grayscale Mode.
  • Use Power Reserve mode.
  • Use Workout Power Saving Mode.

Do Not Disturb Icon

If you turn on Do Not Disturb, a moon icon will appear on the screen. 

When you see the moon icon, any alerts and calls will not light up your screen or make sounds. But your watch still rings the alarms.

No Cellular Network Icon

Its a red X icon. This icon will pop up when your watch loses connection to the cellular network.

Water Lock Icon

You can only see this icon from the Series 2 model and above. It will appear when you turn on the Control Center mode. 

When this mode is enabled, your Apple Watch does not respond to any tap and touch to prevent exposure to water.

Heres how to turn this feature off:

Step 1: Rotate the Crown of your Apple Watch until its screen displays Unlocked.

Step 2: Your device will emit many beeps as it removes all water that remains in the speaker.

After that, you can touch or tap the screen or your watch like normal!

Theater Mode Icon

It signifies that the Theater Mode is activated on your device. 

In that case, your watch screen does not light up when you receive a notification, and Always on Display is disabled.

As its name suggests, users often turn on this mode in movie theaters to prevent their watches from distracting them. 

It is also quite useful for people who sleep with the Apple watch on their wrist. You can also turn it on while in an important meeting.

Airplane Mode Icon

When you turn on Airplane Mode on your Apple Watch, this icon will pop up.

In this case, you will not be able to access the wireless features of your watch while non-wireless features remain available.


It can be a familiar icon for everyone as it is available on almost every smart device. The icon will appear when your watch is linked to one WiFi network.

iPhone Connected Icon

The icon will appear in the Control Center if your iPhone and the Apple Watch are connected.

iPhone Disconnected Icon

It will appear if your watch is disconnected from the iPhone. Its what appears when your iPhone is disconnected from your iPhone that is paired with it.

To fix this, you can start by moving your iPhone and watch closer, restarting your watch, or disabling Airplane Mode (if its already on).

Location Indicator

It appears when an app is utilizing your location on your Watch.

This icon also appears if you are utilizing a watch face that requires access to the location for delivering information like weather details.

Car Icon

You enable the Driving focus mode on the iPhone. 


Weve walked you through the range of standard icons that can be found on an Apple Watch. Knowing the meaning of the icons on your watch face is helpful.

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