How to Remove Sunrise Sunset on Apple Watch? (DETAILED GUIDE)

How to Remove Sunrise Sunset on Apple Watch

Apple is one of the giants when it comes to providing the most advanced technology products today. This brand is always at the top of each category.

Regarding smartwatches, other brands are far from catching up with Apple. Apple watches are packed with leading features that allow them to become valuable tools for our lives.

However, their features are not always valuable to you, and sometimes you just want to remove them. So, how to remove the sunrise sunset on Apple Watch?

Lets get into the details!

How To Remove Sunrise Sunset On Apple Watch?

Here are the steps to customize the information on your Siri watch face:

Step 1: Open your iPhone and visit the Watch app.

Step 2: Go to My Watch (tab).

Step 3: Underneath the heading My Faces, press the Siri watch face.

Step 4: Beneath the heading Data Sources, deselect and select your preferred applications as desired (including Weather for sunrise/sunset information).

Where Does Your Apple Watch Get the Sunrise/Sunset Info?

The sunrise and sunset times are specific to your area.

Open your iPhone, navigate to Settings, choose the Privacy option and press the Locations Services item. Afterward, check that:

  • The Location Services are turned off (top setting).
  • In the list of applications beneath, check out that Apple Watch Faces is set to While Using.

If you are struggling with the data updating issues, you should restart the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

What If Sunrise/Sunset Times Do Not Show Up?

If Sunrise and Sunset times dont show up on your watch, dont worry! Here are the steps to get this feature back on your watch face.

Step 1: Open your companion iPhone. Then go to the Watch app.

Step 2: Tap on the watch face you are utilizing. 

Step 3: Depending on the watch face you are utilizing, you will see Complications such as  Middle, Top Left, Bottom Right, etc. 

Step 4: Press the area where you want the Sunrise/Sunset times to appear.

Step 5: Scroll to World Clock, and you will notice the option Sunrise/Sunset

Some Apple Watch Faces and Their Features

Activity Analog

It shows your Activity progress, and it is superimposed over the traditional analog clock. You can see Activity rings in the familiar stacked design or subdials.

Activity Digital

With uniform and large fonts, this face shows the time in a digital format with your Activity progress.


The visual face will algorithmically change every time you press the display, and there are millions of combinations.


The watch face features two dials: a 24-hour outer dial that allows you to track a second-time zone and a 12-hour inner dial that shows the local time.

It is available on Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 4 and later.


It shows a continuously updated 3D model of the solar system,  earth, and moon.

Chronograph Pro

Press the bezel surrounding the main dial on this face, and then it will transform into a chronograph.


What is the best sunrise sunset app for iPhone?

Here are the fifteen best sunrise/sunset apps for Android and iOS devices:

  • Sun Position, Sunrise, and Sunset Demo.
  • LunaSolCal Mobile.
  • Sunclock.
  • Sunrise Sunset.
  • Golden Hour.
  • Sun Locator Lite.
  • Sun Surveyor Lite.
  • Sunrise Sunset Times.
  • Sunrise Sunset Lite.
  • Sunrise Sunset Calculator.
  • The Sun Ephemeris.
  • Sunrise Companion: Sunrise and Sunset Times.
  • Sundroid: Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Sunrise Sunset Calculator Free.
  • Exsate Golden Hour.

How to Turn Enable or Disable the Always-on Feature

Step 1:  Open your watch and go to the Settings app. To do it, press the Crown to see your watchs Home screen. After that, tap the Settings (gear icon) button.

Step 2: Press the Display & Brightness option.

Step 3: Scroll down and press Always On.

Step 4: Choose Always On to turn off or on this feature.

How Can I Change the Time Shown on My Apple Watch

Step 1: Go to the Settings application on the watch, then press Clock.

Step 2: Press +0 min.  

Step 3: Twist the Crown and pick how far ahead to set the watch. 

Step 4: Choose Set or Cancel.

How Can I Add a Watch Face to My Available Faces

Step 1: Press the Digital Crown to go to the watch face. 

Step 2: Tap and hold your watch display, swipe to the right, and tap the + button.

Step 3: Rotate the Crown to browse all faces.

Step 4: When you reach an expected watch face, press Add. 

If the watch face doesnt have customization options, it will become the current watch face. If not, you can swipe through and modify available features, such as complications and colors.

Step 5: Push the Crown twice to visit the newly added watch face.

How to Manage the Info That Appears When Your Wrist Is Down

Step 1: Open your watch and tap the Settings application.

Step 2: Press the Display & Brightness option.

Step 3: Scroll down and press Always On.

Step 4: Press Show Complications, Show Apps, or Show Notifications. 

Step 5: The applications that show that type of information will appear on the following screen.

Step 6: Disable the applications that you do not desire to show info on your watch screen when your wrist is down. 

How to Switch the Face on My Apple Watch?

Step 1: Push the Crown to open the watch face.

Step 2: From the watch face, swipe right or left to see your added watch faces.

Step 3: When you notice the face that you desire to use, stop swiping. 

Final Thoughts

We have provided you with a guide on removing sunrise/sunset on the Apple watch and much other valuable information. Hopefully, they are helpful to you.

We still have a lot of posts about guides and tips related to the Apple watch. So check them out now!

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