Is Google Pixel 2 XL 5G Compatible? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you ready for the lightning-fast speeds of 5G? If you have a Google Pixel 2 XL, you may be wondering if you can take advantage of this new technology.

In this article, well explore whether the Google Pixel 2 XL is 5G compatible, what 5G technology offers, and what other phones are 5G ready.

Well also discuss the Google Pixel 3a XL and how to test 5G speeds on your phone.

So, if youre curious to know if your Google Pixel 2 XL is 5G compatible, then read on!

Short Answer

No, the Google Pixel 2 XL is not 5G compatible.

It only supports 4G LTE.

The Google Pixel 4a 5G is the first Google phone to have 5G support, and the Pixel 5 will also be 5G compatible when it is released later this year.

Overview of Google Pixel 2 XL

The Google Pixel 2 XL is a flagship smartphone released in 2017.

It comes with a 6.0-inch OLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage.

The phone also features a 12.2MP rear-facing camera and an 8MP front-facing camera.

It runs on the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system and is powered by a 3,520 mAh battery.

The phone is also IP67 certified, which means it is dust- and water-resistant.

The phone has a sleek design with a metal frame and a glass back.

It is available in two colors Just Black and Black & White.

The phone is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner for added security.

Overall, the Google Pixel 2 XL is a great device for those looking for a reliable and powerful device.

It has plenty of features and offers great performance.

However, it is not 5G compatible.

What is 5G Technology?

5G technology is the latest generation of wireless network technology, providing faster internet speeds and improved coverage.

It is expected to be available to over a billion people worldwide by 2023, and many people are already using it in some capacity.

5G technology is the result of years of development, and it is now capable of providing data speeds that are up to 20 times faster than 4G LTE.

Additionally, 5G is capable of providing lower latency, meaning it is more responsive and can support more devices at once.

This makes it ideal for applications such as streaming HD video, gaming, and virtual reality.

With 5G, users can expect faster downloads, higher quality video streaming, and enhanced overall performance.

Why was the Google Pixel 2 XL Released Without 5G Compatibility?

When Google released the Pixel 2 XL in 2017, 5G technology was still in its infancy and had not become widespread in the world.

5G technology was initially developed in the late 1990s but only began to become more widely accessible in the early 2000s.

At the time of its release, 5G networks were still in the process of being developed, and the infrastructure to support widespread 5G usage was not yet in place.

Therefore, it was simply not feasible to include 5G capabilities in the Pixel 2 XL.

While the Pixel 2 XL may not have been 5G compatible, it still offered impressive 4G LTE speeds.

The device was powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which was capable of providing speeds up to 1Gbps.

Additionally, the device featured a 12.2MP rear camera, 8MP selfie camera, 4GB of RAM, and a 3,520mAh battery.

All of these features combined to make the Pixel 2 XL a very capable device, even without the added benefits of 5G.

Ultimately, the decision to not include 5G compatibility on the Pixel 2 XL was simply a matter of timing.

5G technology was not yet widespread enough to justify the inclusion of 5G capabilities on the device.

As 5G technology developed and became more widely accessible, Google released the Pixel 3a XL in 2019, which was 5G compatible.

What Benefits Does 5G Offer?

The fifth generation of mobile networks, known as 5G, offers a number of benefits compared to its predecessor, 4G LTE.

5G has a much higher speed than 4G and can reach peak speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second.

This is 100 times faster than the speed of 4G and allows users to perform complex tasks, such as streaming 4K video, much faster.

5G also has a much lower latency, meaning that it can respond to commands much faster.

This makes it ideal for gaming and other applications that require a quick response time.

5G also has a much better connection in rural and remote areas than 4G, making it a great option for those living in these areas.

Finally, 5G is much more energy efficient than 4G, meaning that it uses less power and is more environmentally friendly.

The Google Pixel 3a XL and 5G Compatibility

When it comes to the Google Pixel 2 XL and 5G compatibility, the answer is unfortunately a resounding no.

The phone was released in 2017, which was still in the early stages of 5G technology.

At the time, 5G was still in its infancy and was not widely available.

However, the good news is that the Pixel 3a XL released in 2019 does support 5G.

This means that if youre looking for a 5G-compatible phone, you dont have to look any further than the Pixel 3a XL.

This phone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, which is capable of supporting 5G speeds.

The Pixel 3a XL also comes with a number of other features that make it a great choice for those looking for a 5G-compatible phone.

For starters, the phone has a 6.3-inch OLED display, which makes it perfect for watching movies and playing games in high-definition.

It also has a 12.2-megapixel rear camera, which is perfect for capturing stunning photos and videos.

In addition to its 5G capabilities, the Pixel 3a XL also comes with a variety of other features that make it a great choice for those looking for a reliable, high-performance phone.

It has a long-lasting 3,700mAh battery, which is perfect for those who need a phone that can last all day.

It also comes with 128GB of internal storage, which is perfect for storing all your photos, videos, and other files.

So if youre looking for a 5G-compatible phone, the Pixel 3a XL is definitely worth considering.

It has all the features you need for a reliable, high-performance phone, and its 5G-ready.

Its the perfect choice for those who want to take advantage of the latest technology without breaking the bank.

How to Test 5G Speeds on Your Phone

Testing your phones 5G speeds is easy.

All you need to do is download a speed test app, such as Ooklas Speedtest, and run a test in an area with 5G coverage.

You can also check your devices settings to see if it is capable of connecting to 5G networks.

If you see the option to switch your connection to 5G, then you know it is compatible.

When testing your phones 5G speeds, it is important to remember that 5G is still relatively new and not all areas have 5G coverage yet.

Make sure you are in an area with 5G coverage before you run a speed test.

You can check with your carrier to find out if your area has 5G coverage.

In addition, you should keep in mind that 5G speeds can vary greatly depending on the location and time of day.

The best way to get the most accurate results is to test your phones 5G speeds in different locations and at different times of day.

The more data points you have, the better your results will be.

Finally, remember that the 5G speeds you get on your phone can also be affected by other factors such as signal strength, network congestion, and more.

If youre not getting the speeds you expect, it could be due to any of these factors.

Other 5G Compatible Phones

The Google Pixel 2 XL may not be 5G compatible, but there are plenty of other phones out there that are.

Many of the latest flagship models from top brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG now include 5G functionality.

The iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20 are both 5G compatible, as is the LG V60 ThinQ.

Additionally, there are a variety of mid-range and budget-friendly 5G phones available, such as the OnePlus 8, Motorola Edge, and Google Pixel 4a.

For those on a tighter budget, there are still some great 5G options.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy A72 offers 5G compatibility at a more affordable price.

It features a 6.7-inch display, four rear cameras, and a long-lasting battery.

The Motorola Moto G 5G Plus is another great budget phone that offers 5G speeds, a 6.7-inch display, and a triple rear camera setup.

Its important to note that not all 5G phones will be compatible with all 5G networks.

To be sure your phone is compatible with your carriers 5G network, its best to check the individual carriers website.

Also, keep in mind that 5G networks are still in their early stages and coverage can vary significantly by area.

Therefore, its important to research the 5G coverage in your area before investing in a 5G phone.

Final Thoughts

The Google Pixel 2 XL was released in 2017, and at the time 5G technology was still in its infancy.

As a result, the phone does not support 5G speeds and only works with 4G LTE networks.

However, the Google Pixel 3a XL released in 2019 does support 5G technology, and offers users faster speeds and more reliable connections.

If youre looking to upgrade your phone and take advantage of 5G, the Pixel 3a XL is a great option.

Additionally, you can check to see if your current phone is 5G compatible by running a speed test to measure your network speeds.

With 5G becoming more widely available, there are a variety of other 5G compatible phones that you can choose from.

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