How to Turn on PS4 With Alexa? (AN EASY GUIDE)

How to Turn on PS4 With Alexa

Alexa is a popular voice service that brings more comfort into our life. It helps users do things conveniently, especially when paired with electronic devices. 

How to turn on the PS4 with Alexa? Is Alexa compatible with your PS4, anyway? If you are looking for a way to turn on the PlayStation, dont skip this post. 

I will give you more insights into the functions and operation of this smart assistance. Based on the information provided, you can learn to turn on the PS4.

Can You Turn On PS4 With Alexa?

Fortunately, Alexa works with virtually any electronic smart device, as long as it has the Wifi and Bluetooth connection.

Although Sonys Playstation 4 doesnt work with Alexa as effectively as the newer generation 5, it is still compatible. 

To turn on and control the PS4 using Alexa, you will need to turn on the Playstation skill in the app, which I will instruct further in the following sections.

After connecting the PS4 with Alexa, you can control it conveniently using voice. 

For example, you can say: Alexa, play Fortnite or Alexa, turn on the PlayStation, and your gaming console will turn on without moving a finger. 

It is just as simple as that!

Furthermore, you can even give your PS4 a cool nickname using the Alexa app and control it more effectively. 

The commands can also be modified accordingly to suit each users preferences.

The PS4 Is Compatible With Alexa

How To Turn On PS4 With Alexa? 

Besides the PS4, you can turn on many smart devices like TV, Xbox One, or soundbars using Alexa. The functions are not limited to turning on and off solely. 

You can use the voice command to browse the PlayStation and do many other cool things. Here is the in-depth instruction on powering up the PS4 with Alexa. 

Before you start, ensure that everything is set up properly and you dont miss any minor instructed step. 

What You Need

Of course, you need the Playstation 4, a TV screen, and the Alexa smart device. 

Furthermore, you need at least one smartphone or Computer (Every operating system is applicable). 

In addition, you need to install an app called the node GS on the computer or the APK second screen smartphone app on your smartphone. 

Open Google and search Node JS to access its website and download the suitable version for your operating system.

Then you need to download the Trigger CMD Command Editor, which can be found on the Triggercmd website. 

Lastly, you need to install a file created on Github named PS4-WAKER.

The Steps To Turn On PS4 With Alexa

  • After you have installed all the required software and files, search for the Nodejs command prompt on your computer. You need this software to install the downloaded PS4-WAKER file. 
  • After you have installed the PS4-WAKER file, turn on the PS4 gaming console. Now switch to your smartphone. Open the App Store or CH play and search for the PS4 second screen.
  • After downloading and installing the app, open it and log into your PS4 account, which is similar to how you use a real PlayStation 4. Remember that you need to turn on your PS4 before performing these steps. 
  • Now you will see your PS4 device appearing on the app interface. Click on it. Then on the Playstation 4 screen, navigate to configuration. Then move down to the mobile application setup.
  • Then on the screen appears an 8-digit input number. Now, remember that number and type it in the PS4 second screen app on your smartphone. Now the app has been paired with your PS4. 
  • Then, move back to the computer. On the Nodejs command prompt, type ps4-waker. Enable the firewall appearing on the computer screen. Now refresh the app on your smartphone. 
  • After refreshing the PS4 second screen app, you will see a device named WAKER. Select it, and the NodeJS will ask for the credential code. Switch back to your PS4, and select Add a new device in the configuration. 
  • Remember the 8-digit code input number? Type it on the Nodejs command prompt. Now your PS4 has two devices paired with it. 
  • On the computer, search for CMD and open the app. A similar black interface will show up. You just need to type ps4-waker. There will be a little beep sound on your PlayStation.
  • When all the complicated setups are done, lets move on to the most interesting part: Set up your Alexa with the trigger CMC. You just need to type ps4-waker in the command section.
  • Select Foreground in the ground section. Then follow the instructions provided in this video to fully set up your PS4 with Alexa.

I know that the process is much more complicated than you anticipated. It requires a smartphone, a computer, and the PS4 combined.

Unfortunately, the PS4 is not as compatible with Alexa as the Xbox One

Therefore ensure that you follow the instructions carefully to not miss any important steps.

How To Use Alexa?

Although Alexa features a very user-friendly operation, low-tech users may find it hard to use this smart assistant.

In general, the device allows you to interact with the surrounding technology and electronic devices using voice commands. 

Before moving on to use Alexa with your PlayStation, you first have to set it up properly. Regardless of your purpose, it is essential to install the Alexa app. 

Here are the steps to set up Alexa:

  • On your mobile phone or tablet, access the CH play on Android, or the App Store on IOS, to download the Alexa app. If you dont have an Amazon account, register for one and log into the installed app. 
  • Open the app and select the more section. Choose Add a device and select the name of the device you want to add.
  • Next, plug in the device and wait for it to start and set up completely. The device is ready when the spinning blue light switches to orange color. 
  • Now try saying Alexa to check if the device responds. If it does, you can ask any questions or make simple commands.


How Much Does Alexa Cost?

Alexa is free without any subscription or fee if you use the voice-assistant app. 

However, some Alexa skills and premium services such as the Alexa Guard, Spotify Premium, or Amazon Prime Video require around $5-$10.  

What Can Alexa Do?

Alexa is a smart voice assistant that can answer users questions, play music and tell jokes according to your commands.

It can be paired with other smart devices such as soundbars, Xbox One, TV, or smart home devices. 

There are many other useful features, such as Amazons routines, allowing users to program and command the machine to perform a chain of actions. 

For example, you may say, good night, Alexa. 

Then all the TVs and lights might turn off while the heaters turn on. The sequence is preprogrammed according to your preferences. 

How Does Alexa Get Smarter Every Day?

Alexa features the adaptive machine learning and language understanding system. The system will adapt to more diversified user requests and queries. 

The foundation for the improvement of Alexas intelligence is supervised machine learning.

Humans just play a very minor role in its development, reducing the misinterpretation from the device. 

Is Alexa Always Listening?

Alexa is always in the listening mode that responds to the users voice at any given time.

At the default setting, the microphone of the device is always on, and it will monitor the surrounding sounds to detect your voice. 

How Does Alexa Work To Protect Your Privacy?

Similar to the other Echo devices, Alexa uses some protocols and measures to protect users privacy. 

You can know when Alexa is listening if there is a light indicator or small audible sound. 

You can also access the voice history to review the requests that Alexa received. 

You can freely playback, store, or delete the voice recordings between you and the assistant to protect your privacy. 

How Does The Wake Word Work?

When you speak the wake word, Alexa will start receiving your voice commands or requests. The assistant resorts to a technology called keyword spotting. 

After receiving the wake word, the device accesses Amazons cloud to process your commands.

Sometimes this voice assistant can misinterpret some different sounds for the wake word. 

However, due to the language understanding system, the device will get more adapted to your tone and voice, reducing the chance of this happening. 

Final Thoughts

I hope the instructions provided in this post can help you successfully connect and turn on the PS4 using Alexa. The process may seem daunting, but the result is so cool and worthy. Thank you for reading!

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