How Much Data Do You Need for an Apple Watch? (IMPORTANT FACTS)

How Much Data Do You Need for an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is an indispensable gadget for Apple fans, which adds so much convenience to our life. But have you ever wondered if the Apple Watch will run out of data? 

So, how much data do you need for an Apple Watch? Should you implement a data plan for this device? In this post, I will discuss these issues in detail and give you a fair explanation. 

Based on the information provided, you can utilize and back up your Apple Watch data more efficiently. Now lets jump straight in!

How Much Data Do You Need For An Apple Watch?

In fact, the Apple Watch doesnt take up any of your Cellular data, and it doesnt use data either since the device is not cellular-supported.

Instead, the Watch is linked with the iPhone or Apple devices via Bluetooth. 

Therefore, all the data and information that appear on your Watch comes directly from your linked Apple Device. The Apple Watch just displays this information, not stores them. 

For this reason, you dont need to plan any significant data change or backup as long as the iPhone is always present.

Meanwhile, all the online information will come directly from the apps as long as your Watch is connected to the Internet. 

You can turn on cellular data on your iPhone, and the online information can be displayed on your Watch as normal.

Therefore, its fair to say that Apple Watch doesnt use much backup data.

How Much Data Does The Apple Watch Use?

The Cellular Apple Watch takes the information by consuming its Cellular data when the iPhone is not present.

However, it may drain too much data even when youre not using it, leading to battery drainage and loss of unnecessary data. 

The Apple Watches with cellular capacity allows users to check their cellular data usage via the Apple Watch app on their iPhones. First, open the iPhone and access the app. 

Then move on to choose My Watch and select Cellular. The app then shows you which app uses the highest cellular data and the actual amount it consumes.

To double check on your cellular data, go to Setting and choose Cellular.

This feature is compatible with WatchOS 8.4.2. If your device is not updated to the newest version, carry out the update in settings. 

Does An Apple Watch Need The Cellular Data Plan?

As mentioned above, you can also use an Apple Watch with Cellular compatibility without the need for the cellular carriers cellular plan. The Watch should be compatible with GPS, Ultra, or Cellular. 

If you do not have any cellular plan on the version, the Watch can function as a GPS-only device.

You can browse the web, send online messages, and do everything as long as the iPhone is beside you or this Watch has an Internet connection. 

In addition, many features and apps on your Apple Watch dont use any cellular data. You can track every exercise and do a lot of cool things without cellular data, wifi connection, or connection to an iPhone. 

However, if you stay online a lot and dont bring your iPhone that often, the cellular plan is necessary.

What Should I Do Before I Set Up My Data Plan?

When you set up the data plan, you can receive notifications, browse the web, and make calls on your Watch without an iPhone.

Here are things to do before setting up your plan: 

  • Ensure that youve installed the latest apps and software on the Watch and iPhone.
  • Dont forget to install the supported carriers eligible cellular plan. The Watch and iPhone should use the same carrier; you should be the carriers network to set up. 
  • For enterprise or corporate cellular plans, check with your providers in case they dont support this data plan. The older and prepaid accounts are currently not compatible.


Here is some additional information relating to the Apple Watch cellular data. Follow the sections below and use your Watch more effectively. 

Does Apple Watch Use Wi-Fi Or Data?

The cellular Apple Watches use both wifi connection and Cellular data. 

If your Watch doesnt support cellular, its a GPS-only model. In this case, you need to pair it with the iPhone or the Internet to make tasks and phone calls. 

How Do I Stop The Apple Watch From Using All My Data?

Your Watch may be using cellular data even when youre not active. To prevent unnecessary data loss, you can turn off cellular data directly on your device. 

On the Watchs interface, swipe from the bottom to access the Control Center. 

Alternatively, tap and hold the Watchs face for one second to open the Control Center. There is a Cellular data toggle to turn it off. 

Does Apple Watch Cellular Work If Phone Is Off?

Cellular Apple Watch allows you to use the Internet and do normal tasks like making phone calls, texting, and getting notifications even when the iPhone is off or out of Bluetooth range. 

Do You Need To Pay Monthly For The Cellular Apple Watch?

Most Cellular data plans on the Watches will cost around $10 monthly. The Cellular Apple Watch will be $100 more expensive than the GPS-only models.

What Can I Do With An Apple Watch Without A Data Plan?

As long as the Watch is connected to Wifi or paired with an iPhone, it can do basically everything a cellular device is capable of. 

Final Thoughts

So, how much data do you need for an Apple Watch? The GPS Watch itself doesnt use data but takes the information from your iPhone and Wifi. 

Unless you dont have your phone nearby or a wifi connection, the cellular data plan is necessary. But its only supported on Cellular-compatible Apple Watches. 

Thank you for reading!

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