How to Connect Google Home to Nvidia Shield? (COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE)

How to Connect Google Home to Nvidia Shield

The Shield TV is a full-featured streaming box from NVIDIA, which runs on the modern Android TV software. 

So, its no surprise that it comes with both 4K Chromecast and Google Assistant functionality, along with various other excellent features. All of that makes the NVIDIA Shield TV  a stand-out product.

Today we will cover how to connect Google Home to the Nvidia shield. If you are interested in this topic, scroll down to get detailed instructions.

How to Connect Google Home to Nvidia Shield?

Here are the steps to connect your Google Home to the Nvidia shield device. So lets follow the exact steps to get the job done.

Part 1: Download the Google Home App

For Android Device

Step 1: Open your Android smartphone before tapping the Google Store app.

Step 2: Tap on the search bar at the top of your screen.

Step 3: Type Google Home in this search bar.

Step 4: Once you have seen your results on your screen, it is time to tap the Google Home app, which will allow you to connect your Google Home to the Nvidia shield.

Step 5: After tapping the Install button, you need to wait until this application is completely installed on your Android smartphone.

For iOS Device

Step 1: Open your iPhone and press the App Store app on its main screen.

Step 2: Visit the search bar at your screens bottom.

Step 3: Enter Google Home into this search bar before pressing the Search button. It will help you find the application you are targeting.

Step 4: Tap the Google Home app from this search result. After that, press the Get button.

Step 5: You will then need to wait about a minute for this app to be fully downloaded to your iOS device.

Part 2: Make a Connection Between Google Home and Nvidia Shield

Step 1: Open your smartphone and search for the Google Home app you downloaded on your phones home screen.

Step 2: After that, the main interface of this application pops up on your screen.

Step 3: Press the Other Cast Devices button and choose the Nvidia Shield device.

Step 4: Press the Add option and choose the room where your Google Home device is present.

Then it should make a connection between your Google Home and the Nvidia Shield device.


How do I utilize Google Assistant on Nvidia Shield?

Step 1: Start at the home screen or any app and push the Voice search button.

Step 2: You will need to hold the remote in front of your face while saying a question. The Google Assistant will appear as soon as you finish speaking.

What Can I Do With My Google Assistant on Shield?

Here are some of the things your Google Assistant on SHIELD TV can do:

Turn Off Your Shield and TV

All you need to do is say: Turn off my TV.

Find TV Shows or Movies 

Method 1: Search by your movie title

You can say commands like Please show me Avenger: Endgame movies or I need to watch Captain America.

Method 2: Search by actor or director

Here are some commands you can refer to:

  • I want to watch Taika Waititis movies. 
  • Show me movies with Chris Evans.

Method 3: Use a Combination of Search Terms

Try some commands similar to the following:

  • I want to watch action movies with Chris Evans.
  • Please show me the film Marvel, with Robert Downey Jr.

Instantly Play the Shows

Several apps, such as Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and HBO Now, can start playing your various shows automatically. Here are some commands you can try:

  • Play Baby Shark video on YouTube.
  • Play Sex Education on Netflix.

Launch Favorite Application

The following are some commands you can refer to:

  • Open Netflix
  • Launch NVIDIA Games

Planning Your Day

Try something like:

  • How long is my commute to work today?
  • What is my first meeting this morning?

Control Smart Home

After connecting Google Assistant and smart home devices, it is possible to control switches and lights utilizing your voice.

  • Dim my lights to about 50%.
  • Turn on my living room lights.

Show Your Photos From the Google Photos ACC.

Try some commands like:

  • Show my photos from 2010.
  • Please show my photos of cars.

Can I Install Any App on Nvidia Shield?

In most cases, devices that ship with the Android TV OS can access a multitude of apps via the Google Play Store.

But sometimes, you must get your apps (APKs). For example, it could be that you need the latest application updates quicker than Google Store, or you need to use an app that is not officially available for your device.

Android TVs support the sideloading mechanism, allowing you to install any APK file, no matter where it comes from.

It even lets you install most apps designed for Android tablets and smartphones. However, whether these apps are usable is another query.

What Is Better Than Nvidia Shield TV?

The most high-quality yet affordable alternatives to the Nvidia Shield are Kodi boxes, Google Chromecast, Raspberry Pi, and Amazon Fire TV.

Is Nvidia Shield the Best Android Box?

The Shield TV performs better overall, which is why it can take the top spot. Nowadays, it is still the best Android TV box you can have.

Is an Android Box Better Than Firestick?

Yes. Most Android TV box hardware should outperform Amazon Firestick.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you should know how to connect Google Home to the Nvidia shield

It is a straightforward process, and you can expect to get the job done quickly.

Please let us know through the comments section below if you have any comments or queries. Thanks for stopping by!

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