How to BLOCK Someone on Apple Watch Without iPhone?

How To Block Someone On Apple Watch Without IPhone

How to block someone on the Apple Watch without your iPhone nearby? 

Is it possible to block the contacts using the Apple Watch? If you are struggling with these tasks, dont skip the information in this post.

I will provide detailed instructions on how to block the contacts on the Apple Watch without your iPhone.

The steps are very straightforward, and everyone can follow them. After reading this post, you can use your Apple Watch like a pro.

Continue reading, and I will show you!

How To Block Someone On Apple Watch Without iPhone?

The cellular Apple Watch enables users to make contacts, telephone calls, and messages without using an iPhone.

Regularly, you will need an iPhone paired with your watch to block the contacts and make many other setups. 

Unfortunately, you cannot block the contacts on your Apple Watch without using the iPhone.

Apple has not introduced any official method for blocking calls and messages on a sole cellular device. 

However, theres still one way to get around it. In this case, you can still block people even if your watch is not paired with an iPhone, but you need the iPhone anyway. It may sound tricky, but the steps are indeed simple. 

Here are how to do it: 

Step 1: Turn on the Apple Watch and open the My Watch app on iPhone. Choose Set up for a family member and pair your iPhone with the device. 

Step 2: Follow the steps just like pairing the iPhone with your Apple Watch. 

Step 3: When the two devices are paired, go to Settings on your iPhone and tap on screen time. Choose the name of the new Apple Watch that you have linked. 

Step 4: In the screen time section, switch from allowed communications to contact only.

Now the Apple Watch will not receive any phone calls or messages from strangers that are not in contact. Though it is not an official way to block people, it still helps protect your privacy and security.

How To  Unblock Contacts On Apple Watch? 

Suppose you want to receive calls and messages from strangers in case of emergencies. The steps are similar to blocking someone on the Apple Watch.

Just go to the settings on our iPhone, and open screen time. Then switch from contact only back to allowed communications.

Now, a stranger not on your contact list can reach you via the Apple Watch. 

Tips About Contacts You May Not Know On Apple Watch 

So that are the steps to block and unblock contacts on Apple Watch. 

The steps are a bit complicated when you use a cellular device that is not paired with an iPhone. Lets read on helpful tips that can help you use the watch easier.

How To View A Friend’s Location Using Apple Watch

Go to the home interface on your Apple Watch and open the Find People app.

Then, enable the share my location and use the Contacts or Dictation to select a friend you want to add. 

Select a phone number or email address, and decide how long you want to share your location. Now that person will get notified about your location sharing. 

If the friend shares his/her location back, you two can identify the current position of each other or the Apple Watch. 

How To Message And Make Calls On Apple Watch 

If you want to send a message, ensure that your watch is connected to Wifi or cellular signal. Then open the messenger or Imessage app and text the messages to your friend manually. 

You can also command Siri to send a message to a friend in the contact list.

For example, you can say: Hi Siri, tell my brother that I will meet him in 10 minutes. If you want to call someone, perform the same steps. 

You can either make calls from apps on Apple Watch or command Siri to do it. Simply say: Hi Siri, call my friend (the name of that person, for instance).


Will Apple Watch Be Delivered If Blocked?

If someone blocks you, the most recent messages you sent to the person wont say delivered. You also cant see the receipt. Your recent messages appear in a blue bubble, and the receivers will not get these messages.

But dont worry too much as this is not certain proof that the person has blocked you. The receiver might not have any phone signal at the time you send the text. 

The message will be delivered as soon as they are in the coverage area. 

Can You Call Someone On Apple Watch Without A Phone?

The answer is yes. You can make phone calls easily if you are away from your iPhone, but it is only available on cellular carriers that support Wi-Fi callings. 

This function allows users to call someone without their iPhone nearby using Wi-Fi instead of the cellular network.

You just need to connect the watch to a Wi-Fi network that your phone has connected to before. 

How Do I Block Unknown Texts On My Apple Watch?

You can access the Disable SMS notification on your phone.

On the settings on your phone, choose customizing notifications. Then, you can turn off the unknown senders line. 

Lastly, open your Apple Watch and turn off SMS notifications. This task allows users to never receive spam message notifications on their Apple Watch. 

This is essential for your kids who need reliable contacts, protecting them from unsafe and spam messages.

Plus, you can access the Message app to check the unknown senders list for important messages that are not spam.

Final Thoughts

The Apple Watch is a modern device that brings more convenience to our lives.

I hope that the instructions provided in this post can help you get rid of unwanted contacts and messages on the Apple Watch. Thank you for reading!

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