How to Make OnePlus 6T Faster: Unlock Lightning Speed Tips and Tricks

How to Make OnePlus 6T Faster: Unlock Lightning Speed Tips and Tricks

To make the OnePlus 6 faster, you can try closing unnecessary apps in the background, restarting your phone, and updating your operating system. Additionally, clearing the cache and data of individual apps, as well as disabling any resource-intensive widgets or launchers, may also help improve performance. Lastly, consider performing a factory reset if your phone is experiencing significant slowdowns.

As a OnePlus 6T user, Im sure youve experienced the frustration of a slow phone.

You know, when apps take forever to launch, and scrolling feels like wading through quicksand.

But fear not, fellow phone enthusiasts!

Today, Im sharing my secrets to unlocking lightning speed on your OnePlus 6T.

Its time to put those sluggish days behind us and harness the power of our trusty devices.

In this post, well dive into three essential strategies for supercharging your phones performance: cleaning up unnecessary clutter, optimizing background processes, and managing battery life like a pro.

So, lets get started on this mission to make our OnePlus 6T faster than ever before!

Clean Up Your Phone: Unlock Lightning Speed Tips and Tricks

You know the feeling - youre scrolling through your phone, waiting for that sweet, sweet loading animation to finish, only to realize its taking an eternity.

Yeah, weve all been there.

But fear not, OnePlus 6T enthusiasts!

Today, Im sharing my top tips to help you speed up your phone and make it lightning fast.

Clear Out Unnecessary Apps and Data

Lets face it - our phones can get cluttered quickly.

With apps, files, and data piling up, its no wonder your phone starts feeling slow.

So, lets take a closer look at how to free up some storage space and breathe new life into your OnePlus 6T.

Tip: Use the built-in Storage app to identify large files and delete them.

I mean, who needs 10 versions of the same photo, right?

Go ahead, clear out that dusty old folder from college - nobodys judging you (except maybe your phones storage capacity).

And dont forget about those pesky animations!

They might look pretty, but they can slow down your scrolling experience.

Tip: Disable them for a smoother ride.

Disable Background Apps and Close Unused Ones

Now that weve got our phones storage in check, lets focus on conserving some precious RAM.

You know the drill - background apps sucking up memory like its going out of style.

Time to put those sneaky apps in their place!

Tip: Head to Settings > Apps > Running apps and see which apps are using the most memory.


Is that Facebook youre talking about?

Close it, already!

You can always reopen it later…

or not.

By following these simple tips, youll be amazed at how much faster your OnePlus 6T becomes.

Its like a digital breath of fresh air - invigorating and rejuvenating!

Optimize Your Phone’s Performance

Hey there, OnePlus 6T owners!

Are you tired of feeling like your phone is slower than molasses in January?

Well, youre in luck because today were going to explore some lightning-speed tips and tricks to make your OnePlus 6T faster than ever.

Close Unnecessary Processes Running in the Background

Lets face it - most of us have apps open in the background that are just taking up space and slowing down our phone.

Its like having a bunch of unnecessary tabs open on your computer - theyre not doing anything productive, but theyre still sucking up resources.

To close those pesky apps, simply head to the Recent apps menu (usually found at the bottom or top of your screen).

From there, you can swipe left or right to find the app you want to close and tap the Close button.


Youve just freed up some valuable system resources.

Clear Cache and Data for Individual Apps

Now that weve closed those unnecessary apps, lets talk about another common culprit: cached data.

Over time, apps can accumulate a ton of junk in their caches - think temporary files, app preferences, and other digital detritus.

Its like having a messy garage - it might look fine on the surface, but underneath, things are getting out of hand.

To clear those caches, you can head to Settings > Apps > > Clear cache/data.

This will remove all that junk and free up some storage space.

Or, if youre feeling fancy, you can use a third-party cleaner app like CCleaner or Disk Cleanup to do the job for you.

Thats it for todays speed-boosting tips!

By closing unnecessary processes running in the background and clearing cache and data for individual apps, youll be well on your way to unlocking lightning-speed performance on your OnePlus 6T.

Stay tuned for more phone-tastic content!

Manage Your Battery Life to Unlock Lightning Speed on OnePlus 6T

As a proud owner of the OnePlus 6T, Im sure youre eager to get the most out of your device.

But lets face it - battery life can be a real concern, especially when youre in the middle of an intense gaming session or scrolling through social media for hours on end.

Thats why today, were going to dive into some actionable tips and tricks to help you manage your battery life like a pro.

By implementing these simple tweaks, youll be able to squeeze out every last bit of juice from your OnePlus 6Ts battery - leaving you with more time to enjoy your favorite apps and games.

Adjust Screen Brightness and Auto-Brightness Settings

One of the quickest ways to conserve battery life is by adjusting your screen brightness.

The less light your screen emits, the less power it consumes.

So, heres a simple tip: lower that screen brightness or enable auto-brightness!

By default, your OnePlus 6T has an auto-brightness setting enabled, which adjusts the screen brightness based on the ambient light around you.

This feature is cleverly designed to save battery life without sacrificing readability.

However, if you find the auto-brightness too aggressive or not aggressive enough, feel free to adjust it in Settings > Display.

Turn Off Unnecessary Features

When not in use, there are several features that can drain your batterys power reserves.

Lets turn them off!

  1. Location Services: Disable this feature when youre not actively using location-based apps like Google Maps or social media platforms.
  2. Bluetooth: Turn Bluetooth off when youre not connected to devices like headphones, speakers, or cars.
  3. Wi-Fi: Disable Wi-Fi when youre not streaming content, downloading files, or browsing the web.

To disable these features, simply navigate to Settings > Connections and toggle the switches accordingly:


By implementing these simple tweaks, youll be able to enjoy a faster and more responsive OnePlus 6T experience.

Remember, every little bit counts when it comes to conserving battery life!

Stay tuned for our next section, where well dive into some advanced tips and tricks to further optimize your OnePlus 6Ts performance.

Final Thoughts

As I wrap up this guide on how to make your OnePlus 6T faster, Im reminded of a crucial lesson I learned from my own phone woes.

In todays fast-paced digital age, its easy to get bogged down by a slow device that refuses to keep up with our demands.

But the truth is, speeding up your phone is all about making smart tweaks and simplifying your workflow.

By implementing these lightning-speed tips and tricks, youll be amazed at how much more responsive and efficient your OnePlus 6T becomes.

From freeing up storage space to optimizing performance and managing battery life, its all about finding that sweet spot where your device hums along like a well-oiled machine.

So go ahead, give your phone the TLC it deserves, and experience the thrill of zipping through apps and menus with ease.

And remember, a faster phone is just the beginning - its what you can achieve with that extra boost of speed that truly matters.

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